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Update #9

Hi All, It’s been a while since we made our last update and there’s a lot to talk about. As we’re gearing up to finish Act I of our game, we welcome a new teammate- Ben. We revamped the entirety of level 1, polished up level 2 and we’re wrapping up level 3. All that’s […]

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Update #8

It’s been a while since our last update and we’ve been quite busy. We’re really exploring what “color is life” means in our game. We’re still not ready to reveal all the changes we’re making, but we’re confident that they’ll make our game feel completely unique. Stay tuned for future updates as we discuss the […]

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Update #7

Hi everyone, We’ve been working on optimizing our game quite a bit. We’re very grateful to everyone who playtested Project Island and offered their feedback. We’re nearly done with our second level and excited to move on to the next one. Stay posted to see screenshots of the new, underwater area (though it’s not a […]

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Update #6

Hi all, we’re still working hard on Project Island despite the situation in the world. We’ve outlined our journey so far on a Unity thread and it’s quite lengthy so we won’t copy it all over there. I encourage everyone to read it though, we’ll be updating it regularly. Stay safe!

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Update #5

Hi all, A lot’s been happening on our end. We’ve almost finished reworking the combat system and are working on the island itself (by the way, what do you think of our current trees? Let us know below!). That’s Geebic-12, Liv’s companion on that picture. He’s super cute! Work is progressing despite the situation in […]

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Update #4

It’s happening! We’re putting the finishing touches on our demo and about to enter a very exciting part of our journey. But, before that, we have a new addition to our team: Jur Kampman joined us as a senior programmer and he’s already killing it, working on our journal and dialogue code. Welcome, again, Jur!Very […]

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Update #3

Hi all, It’s been a while since our last update, and we’ve been working hard on pulling all the loose strings together. We remodeled our protagonist up to our standards, finished the environment and designed the first minute of the game (dialogue, sound effects, visuals). We’re still finishing AI and our combat system as well […]

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Update #2

We’re gearing up to wrap up our demo. We still have to implement a minigame (more on that next week), some UI elements, keep working on AI, add destructible assets, and then it’s off to the races (and debugging, woohoo!). This week we implemented some animations, did solid work on our AI and finalized our […]

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Update #1

Hi all, We’re working quite hard on our main character model and we’re starting to work on AI for a different type of enemy you’ll fight at the beginning of level 1. We’re very excited to finish coding in the basic powers you can use to augment your combat experience and we hope to also […]

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Hello World

Hello World! This is our first post from OrionGames as we’re finally unveiling the game we’ve been working on, codenamed Project Island. We’re very excited to share our vision with you and we hope you can be a part of the creative process. Let us know what you think, what can make our game better […]

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