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Hello World!

This is our first post from OrionGames as we’re finally unveiling the game we’ve been working on, codenamed Project Island. We’re very excited to share our vision with you and we hope you can be a part of the creative process. Let us know what you think, what can make our game better and more fun and what will make this a game that you will have fun playing.

In Project Island, you control Liv; a young woman who woke up on a ravaged, yet beautiful island and tries to piece together the story of the world she’s in, why she has woken up, and what her purpose is. On your journey you’ll befriend adversaries, crush enemies, make friends and reveal what kind of person you are. At the same time Liv will grow, learn to control time, electromagnetism, and gravity while filling the world with color and life and trying to prevent an oncoming environmental catastrophe.

We are currently working on level one and hope to finish it within a month. We’re still ironing out the AI and some controls as well as adding particle effects and improving the look of the game. Our small team is really looking forward to sharing some visuals and screenshots and we’ll do that in our next update in a week (we have to light the level for anything to be visible). In the meantime, here’s a small sneak peek:

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