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“Live” … a tentative heartbeat… “Breathe” … a gentle movement of the chest… “Open your eyes” … a blinding brightness.

fell out of the vat to the sound of slushing water which drowned out my moan as I hit the ground. I lay motionless for what seemed like eternity before I pushed myself of the ground and promptly fell back down. In the glow of the sickly green light coming from the tank I realized that my right hand was robotic, as was my left leg. Panicking, I started touching my body with what I considered to be my human hand, searching for more metal that seemed to be implanted in my body. Part of my face was cold and sensationless as was half the area on my stomach.


  • Explore an island and learn to control fundamental forces of the universe as you uncover a mystery surrounding vanished humankind.
  • Unite or subjugate the island’s inhabitants as you prepare for a fast-approaching snap freeze winter.
  • Explore varied biomes, dilapidated temples and abandoned research facilities alongside your loyal pet.
  • Play minigames that are designed to reveal what kind of a person you are.
  • Choose whom to partner up with and whom to betray.

Latest News

Update #2

We’re gearing up to wrap up our demo. We still have to implement a minigame (more on that next week), some UI elements, keep working on AI, add destructible assets, and then it’s off to the races (and debugging, woohoo!). This week we implemented some animations, did solid work on our AI and finalized our […]

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Update #1

Hi all, We’re working quite hard on our main character model and we’re starting to work on AI for a different type of enemy you’ll fight at the beginning of level 1. We’re very excited to finish coding in the basic powers you can use to augment your combat experience and we hope to also […]

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Hello World

Hello World! This is our first post from OrionGames as we’re finally unveiling the game we’ve been working on, codenamed Project Island. We’re very excited to share our vision with you and we hope you can be a part of the creative process. Let us know what you think, what can make our game better […]

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Stay Tuned

Welcome to Orion Games, soon we will start to share our progress here.

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